“STRATEGIES for Sustainable Gender Equality” first, post-covid online get-together, June 9th 2020

On Tuesday June 9th 2020, STRATEGIES members gathered for the 1st time around an online meeting.

Initially, June 8th and 9th would be the dates during which our Community of Practice would physically meet for the first time in Nice, for a 2 day conference that would be organized in collaboration with the University of Cote d'Azur, France and EURODOC, the European council of doctoral candidates and junior researchers. Due to the co-vid 19 pandemic, this meeting was postponed until further notice. Instead, a 2 hour virtual get-together was proposed so as to collaboratively figure out the best way forward.

The meeting begun with the presentation of the agenda and was followed by a round-table in which all participants (Oxford Brookes University, UK; Deusto University, Spain; Örebro University, Sweden; University of Strasbourg and University of Paris-Est, Créteil, France; Institute Pupin, Serbia; EURODOC; the associations Femmes et Sciences-Women in Science and Femmes et Mathématiques-Women and Mathematics, France and the CPED- the French Standing Conference for Equality and Diversity officers) provided an overview of the challenges faces in their respective institutions due to the current co-vid 19 pandemic.

We then discussed ideas and preferred formats for gathering and collaborating together. It was decided to hold monthly group meetings around specific themes. The preferred format was this of an open discussion featuring invited speakers. It was decided that the first online meeting of the series will take place on Tuesday, July the 7th and will be dedicated to the impact of the co-vid 19 crisis on Gender Equality Plans, featuring one or more presentations around the topic and a Questions and Answers session. The online monthly meetings will resume at least between September and December 2020.

Finally, the Community of Practice members were presented with materials related with the ACT matching events: these will be organized beginning from October 2020 around the three Gender Equality ERA priorities (Gender Dimension in Research, Careers, Decision making and gate keepers) and target to favor collaboration and bring together members of of all ACT Communities of Practice interested in working on the same areas.