gender equality

Gender Equality in Germany. Selected Aspects on East-West Germany Differences

At the September 2021 CoP meeting, Prof. Dr. Felizitas Sagebiel, from the School of Human and Social Sciences of the Bergische University of Wuppertal, gave a talk about post WWII Germany and East-West Germany differences regarding socio economic aspects and gender equality.

Strategies for Sustainable Gender Equality and Gender Equality in Central and Eastern Europe meeting: an overview

The 10th meeting and get together of Strategies for Sustainable Gender Equality occurred in collaboration with the sister ACT Community of PracticeGEinCEE. Two presentations were proposed to the participants.

Summary of the 6th Strategies CoP Meeting – December 8th 2020 | Gender Equality for Early Career Researchers

A first session about gender inequalities at the early career stage focused on the need for European ECRs' engagement in science policy and Gender Equality Plans, and a French example of a mentoring programme for female PhD researchers.

“STRATEGIES for Sustainable Gender Equality” Consolidation Workshop: an overview

STRATEGIES for Sustainable Gender Equality organized its consolidation workshop on March 2nd 2020 in Paris. It was hosted by the Paris Sciences Lettres University, the CNRS and the Ecole Normale Supérieure.